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Romford, Essex

Launched in 16 September 2016, this specialists tuition service offers support with maths and English has a team of 10 dedicated and passionate staff. All work together to help to change the lives of hundreds of children and young people with special needs including dyslexia, by making accessible, engaging and fun! The proven multisensory teaching techniques ensure activities arefor each learner, ensuring the they learn in a way which will benefit them the most.


Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Launched in 29 April 2019, operating under Private Tuition Specialists, this centre and it’s dedicated team of six staff offers support with maths, English and Science. Through it’s multisensory teaching approach which includes, one to one support, award winnng apps, encouraging the development of soft skills such as speaking and presenting, this centre offers an all encompassing approach to learning, which stretches far beyond the classroom.


Loughton, Essex

A planned launch on 29 April 2020, this tuition centre was due to support Early Years and Primary students with maths and English. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening has been delayed. Watch this space, as soon as it’s safe to do so, this service will be running and available!


Online, global

Launched 7 August 2017, KenchiBlade is a leading global supplier of premium products including Japanese steel barbering and hairdressing scissors for trainees through to expert hairdressers and barbers. KenchiBlade also offers a range of hairdressing and beauty products, accessories and merchandise.


Online, global

Launching July 2020. This luxury pet boutique will offer wide range of products including pet accessories and professional grooming scissors.

​With a long life passion for animals and being the servant of two cats, KandyPaws was a way to unleash my love for animlas and an opportunity to be creative, these combined passions sparked the idea of designing pet accessories. The name? Well that’s another sweet combination of mine and my husband’s names. Not having any animals as a child, that all changed when he met me. Also a dedicated servant to two adorable cats, he didn’t stand a chance.



Launching 2020, this is year I launch myself! I have proved to myself I can make things happen. I can set up a business and offer support and guidance to those that are thinking about turning a dream into a reality, I can stand infront of an audience and speak confidently, I can deliver worskshops, I can teach children in Eary Years, taking their GCSE and adults. Not only have I helped many young people with university an d job applications I have even helped grown ups nail thier job applications! I am a copywriter, I have somehow even managed to write multi-award winning applications for leading industry awards! So with the talent and abilites that I am told I have – I have decided to share them with the world.

​None of this is arrogance, this is just me telling myself that when I put my mind to it, I can achieve anything, I believe that even more since I jumped out of a plane.