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Speaking, Consulting & Mentoring

Learn vital buisness skills from how to pitch a business idea, setup a business, the power of networking, to delivering a powerful presentation and much more



English Tuition and Maths Tuition. Primary and Secondary Levels.



Professional help to create a killer CV and sell yourself to a prospective employer. Support with academic writing, including essays, dissertations and referencing. Organisational newsletters, online and offline copy writing, award nomination and entry forms for, individuals (private and business) and charities.


Here To Make A Difference

Welcome to my world…

Everyone can make a difference to the society they live in as well as impact the world in some way. My lifestyle and career have continued to allow me to follow that dream.

Teaching, volunteering, writing, being a business owner and travelling are just some of the many wonderful experiences I have used to push myself into doing things I never thought I would.

Through these opportunities, I have not only enhanced my own skills, and knowledge I have become better and better at following my vision of making a difference in all I do.

​My moto: “make a difference in all I do”

 We can all reach our potential and achieve things beyond our wildest dreams, sometimes we just need someone to notice and believe in us and help us reach out for opportunities we are too scared to take.

Success takes many shapes, forms and many tries. For me, my success is driven by my desire to succeed in making a difference in all I do. I am living proof, if you dream big, work hard, find people who believe in you, show dedication, and the willingness to pick yourself up after you fail, you can achieve anything.

Learning Never Stops

I have been fortunate enough to have had many opportunities both in the UK and internationally.

Teaching, volunteering, public speaking and being a business woman are just some of the many wonderful opportunities that have allowed me to continue my mission of making a difference, 

Each time I discover I have in some way changed someone’s life, it makes me want to do even more.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

Mark Twain